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WYD: God Class Characters Now Released

The long wait is finally over! With Your Destiny Global has finally released the God Class Characters! Get ready to face your destiny!

Starting With Your Destiny Global has finally released it’s newest update the God Class System! Get your characters ready for the God Class because a whole new world of adventure, excitement and challenges are coming your way.

Along with this new update, WYD Global released a new event called “WYD Global GOD System Update Commemoration Event”. This new event will feature a lot of new surprises to all the players of WYD Global. First on the list is the WYD Global Ranking System wherein God Class characters will be ranked to see who among them is on the top of their game. God Class characters users will be ranked to receive special points. Fifty users of each class will receive special points depending on their rank and a total of 200 users will be awarded everyday. The points you have accumulated within the event duration can be used to exchange for special prizes. Exciting prizes awaits you so start earning those points right now!

Second, WYD Global will be having a Double Exp Event for the whole month! The event will be held during Sundays starting and all players will be experiencing double experience for the whole day! This event was released to celebrate the coming of the God Class System. Now leveling up your character to become one of the God Class (Wyd Gold)will be much easier!

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