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Set the tibia belongs to you

So you have made up your mind to find a house for your character? There are 2 different ways to acquire houses in Tibia: you can purchase one at an auction, or you can buy one from another character. Make sure you have saved up a bit, because getting a house is often quite costly!
Also, keep in mind that there are restrictions: only premium players can rent or bid for houses, and Tibia Gold they cannot rent more than one house per game world. Moreover, no more than three characters from the same account can rent houses at a time. If one character is a guild leader, the player can also rent one guildhall, even if he has rented three houses already. Needless to say, guildhalls can only be rented by guild leaders. Finally, please note that you can only bid on or buy one house at a time and Tibia Gold that the character you are using to get a house must have a vocation.

House Auctions
Houses that are currently uninhabited are auctioned on the house section of the official website. You will find a detailed list of all houses that are available on all worlds there.
If you would like to bid for a house, log out of the game and Tibia Gold go to this page, choose your world and your favourite city and set the "Status" to "auctioned", then confirm by clicking on "Submit". Unless no houses are available at the moment, you will now see a list of the houses that are currently on offer. A click on the "View" button will reveal further information on the house, such as its location and the name of the character that has currently made the highest bid. Also, this is the place to make a bid yourself. Click on the button "Bid". If you are not logged into your account already, you will be asked to enter your account data now. Then a new page will open up where you can enter your bid limit and select one of your characters on the corresponding game world. When you have submitted your bid a confirmation page will open where you have to confirm it by entering your password. Please keep in mind that bids cannot be withdrawn once they have been confirmed! However, you always have the option to lower your bid limit to the current highest bid, so it is more likely that someone will outbid you.


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