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Seal Online is turning ONE years old

We are proud to announce that we have reached the one year mark for servicing Seal Online. We would like thank everyone who had stuck by our side and have continued to support us and the community. We would also like to thank all the users who continue to participate and be active within the community to keep us going strong. Seal Online would never be where it is without the great community we have together. Staff members, community members lives have forever changed through the fun and exciting experiences we've had together this past year.

Tomorrow, we will be holding some special events all over the server to celebrate our one year birthday. Users who participate will receive an exclusive 1 year anniversary item that will not be given out after. Login and play for a bit within the server and your account will be automatically recorded. On next maintenance, we will load all users the anniversary item.

Looking forward, we have many surprises still waiting for our community. To give you a sneak preview of what is upcoming this year, we would like to announce the following(Seal Online Cegel):

-Monster Survivor Mode
-Best Friends System
-Unison Server Access & Expansion
-Sikara Village
-Sage Tower
-Battle Pets
-Upgraded Guild Battle System
-More new funny and cute costumes
-More new cute and ferocious items

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