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Rift Details Fourth Beta Event: PvP time is coming

PvP time is coming! Trion Worlds has announced that the fourth closed beta event will kick. The biggest and most brutal Rift beta event yet titled Warfronts will witness the conflict between the Guardians and Defiants to reach the boiling point as the two player factions finally meet on the battlefield.

The Black Garden warfront map is scheduled to be available for play, giving beta participants their first taste of the epic Player-versus-Player gameplay of Trion Worlds' upcoming MMORPG. In addition to all playable content released during the first three beta events, the zones of Gloamwood and Stonefield, and two new dungeons to explore: Darkening Deeps and Deepstrike Mines. What's more, taking part in the fourth beta event, players will have an opportunity to win a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 video card! More details about this event are available on official Rift website.

The influence of Regulos is insidious, capable of overt displays such as zombies and ghouls, and subtle corruption such as befell the delve of Hammerknell and its adjacent garden now called Runic Descent, Rift Gold in Moonshade.

Hammerknell is sealed. The kings under the mountain built their city with runebinding, enslaving Death spirits and the souls of unfortunate mortals to power their wondrous magic. All was splendor until the rifts opened and the runes fueling Hammerknell overflowed with Death magic. Necrotic energies swept through the delve, possessing many Dwarves, killing many more. Only those few who made it out of the city survived, trapping the dead and damned behind doors as thick as a city boulevard. They hoped such measures would keep the Death magics from contaminating the world beyond their lost city.

To glorify their city in its heyday, the Dwarves had planted a magnificent garden in a ravine beside Hammerknell. Too late, they remembered that the garden had runebound paths that would repair themselves, runebound watering cans and shears that maintained the garden of their own accord. Like the runes within Hammerknell, these sucked in Death magic from the rifts like a sponge. Anyone foolish enough to be enticed by the garden's lingering beauty has fallen to the power of Regulos.


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