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Rappelz is a mysterious mythological world

The online game Rappelz will undergo exciting changes with the new Epic 7 – Awakening expansion. The expansion is full of new content and features including new items, a fierce wild creature to tame, and a revamp of the guild interface. Epic 7 - Awakening is scheduled to be released. 

Rappelz The rebirth of a more dangerous and exciting Veiled Island will include a new race of predatory killer insects, as well as countless Marduka invaders. Delve into 9 new zones of Veiled Island, including the mysterious Kaia Lake and the ominous Nanani breeding grounds.

Hunt down and battle the elusive charming but malevolent gatekeepers of the new hidden dungeons. Get past them to take on the more challenging monsters to gain more experience points. A new creature, the Death Tyrant, has also been unleashed in the world of the client game Rappelz (rappelz rupees)by publisher Gala Networks. The creature is a shiny suit of armour possessed by spirits. As the Death Tyrant grows, it gains more armour, and eventually a valiant horse made of armour.

Epic 7 – Awakening also includes a face-life to the guild – including a new interface, guild member notes and ranks, as well as better support for users. There are new items available including additional hair styles and dyes to choose from, as well as the introduction of cube chips, lucky cubes and fortune cubes, available at all ranks.

Rappelz is a mysterious mythological world in which you must win heart-stopping battles and complete exciting missions to gain experience points. Join one of the rival races and journey through the kaleidoscopic world of the client-based online game Rappelz.

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