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Priest Guide of Knight

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Do you often play Knight? Would you like to buy some cheap knight noah? Here we provide the best service with the fastest delivery. Next we will provide you some detailed information about Priest Guide to help you know much about the game. Hope it could help you.

Just read about the 999 999 999 scam. You are approached by someone who says that they have money go into merchant mode and enter a valuable item(knight noah) withe the price 999 999 999 spaces are important. Oddly chaeap items do not work. You have just sold the item for 999 coins. KO stops at the first space.

Sundries items for sale. Here you can get professional knight noah . Transformation gems have no purpose in the game but you can purchase them in sundries for peanuts. Does not stop another palyer from offering them for 300k. Educate yourself on the product available in sundries like ressurrection stones and class stones; you will save yourself a fortune!

The quest items Scam

two version of this scam
1) Someone offers you an item that suggests quest item on it; they will tell you that it does someting special for your class, but does not work for their class that why they will sell it to you. You will not find the NPC they send you and will call you stupid that you cant find them.

2) Printed instruction are wrong as Pincer Poison for 5 million but only gets 500. Why do you think if he can 5 million he would sell it for 500k?

Note most quest items pay 500 coins this includes undying skulls, pincer poison and gavolt wings.

The trade scam
You are shown a very valuable item and offer to trade for cash. knight gold The trade is canceled! ohh sorry fingers slipped! trade again! long wait slipped agan for you are a newbie. This continues until in frustration you hit trade complete; at this point rule of thumb; trade fails 2 time there will be no third.

Thanks for reading and enjoy yourself.


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