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KALOnline lastest promotion events

KALOnline released two special events for the KAL veteran inviting the newbie to join the game.

Kalonline is hosting special 2 events for sleeping and brand new users and especially these events bring winners cash item prizes. We wish all users to join these events and have fun. Thank you.

Event Name - "Summons of sleeping & new accounts events"

EVENT 1 Summons of new accounts

Requirement - 1,000 new users joining Kalonline during event period


- New users should be recommended by users above level 40 - New users recommended should reach level 30 during event period - Recommender can recommend new users without limit - Only 1 character an account can be recommended.

How to Join

1. Talk to "Recommendation" NPC in Narootuh and kalonline geons recommend new users (Recommender should be above level 40 and can recommend without limit. 2. Recommender inputs case-sensitive new user?s character name (Character recommended should be created during event period). 3. New users get cash item by talking to "Recommendation" NPC, when new users reach level 30. (Cash items will be provided first-come first served basis).

EVENT 2 Summons of sleeping accounts


Inactive accounts not logged in the game for 30 days more from event first day - 1,000 Inactive accounts in Hanin, Naraeha server each (Total 2,000 accounts).


Inactive account?s character should be over level 20 - Even though inactive account?s character is under level 20, you can be qualified, if you reach level 20 during event period - Only 1 character an account is qualified for event.

How to join

Talk to "Summons of Sleeping Accounts" NPC in Narootuh and kalonline geons get cash items, if you are qualified for requirement. (Cash items will be provided first-come first served basis).

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