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The beginning of a world, all things chaotic i Kal Online .

God in the world of start-up time will be Kal Online Geons in the Seisetsu forced separation of the gas, gas-up as the day, sinking into the Zhuoqi.

And in the process of the chaotic element to the gas spread, they are of interest between Sang Sang, Cixiaobizhang formed a continuous cycle of all things.

Followed then by the people and things the people have been created by Kal Online Geons in this world.

But God the Creator in the process of chaos will not always in the dark part of the division out, the situation in no way part of this force only under seal in the ground, and the responsibility to defend the seal delivered to the human Wanwuzhiling left after . Began a continuation of this world. . . . . .

With the development of human society, mankind in the world, the Shenghuo Quan growing, and rapidly spread to all corners of the world.

Of Kal Online Geons human civilization is the rapid development of metal products have brought about better farming techniques, not to trouble the Food and everywhere people began to cultivate the inert.

The attendant is greed, jealousy, hatred, and so on before being God live to suppress the human Bingxing began gaining ground.

Finally broke out between the human beings to each other tribal conflicts, the beginning of the conflict in a small number of tribes slowly evolved into a war of the entire mankind.

Finally human form through the Alliance, and other means of the two camps, and continued fierce war in the Kal Online Geons game.

Long-term war has finally made one of the parties gradually Zhichibuzhu, in the camp in the forthcoming failure of the strike destroyed the moment Chuangshi Shen left seal the dark forces of seals. . . . .

Seal was lifted after long been suppressed in the ground floor of the dark forces regained consciousness.


As long been suppressed, they hate everything on the ground of Kal Online Geons. Along with its military recruitment to the devil, started on this at first by the rule of the human world's assault.

The war is extremely tragic, in the early days of the war mankind is almost impossible to resist the dark forces of the attack.

The collapse of the entire human front, to withdraw their Chuangshi Shen reserved for the final place on the left Chuang Shishen With the end of the power sector and stubborn resistance to the offensive power of Diablo.

Gradually war entered a stalemate, and the people for the war growing lack of confidence in the future.

However, by chance, the discovery of human gradual creation and use of the world, scattered to every corner of the elements of the force, this force will be in the grasp of gradual improvement, human beings began to stimulate the fight against the dark forces of hope.

As the group after group of soldiers, before the war to the human towards the landless, and the new history will begin.


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