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The story of Kal Online is based on oriental myth about the 74th war between Ha-Nin,the great king and Ban-Go who challenged to the king with troops of demon.

Kal Online Geons will be a model of oreental fantasy game;it represents the oriental sentiment well.Look at this which will be help you .

[Mercenary Captain] Kugar - Moradon coordinates: 452,305

Monster Supression Squad 1:
Minimum Level: Level 5(ish?)
Quest Description: As Bandits are increasingly emerging into the mountain behind Moradon, I'm forming a supression squad. Would you like to join? Infiltrate the bandit base, eliminate their leader, and bring back the proof. Simple enough, no?
Needed Items: Proof of Orc Bandit
Reward: 5 Maximum HP increase
5 Maximum Kal Online Geons increase
Side Note: This quest teleports you to a new area with several other players which you can party with. You go through and kill all the monsters and at the end their is a boss which once you kill, you get the proof, and the reward for killing him. Maximum HP increase increases your HP by 100, and lasts 30 minutes, cannot be used WITH Maximum MP increase. Maximum MP increase increases your MP by 100, and lasts for 30 minutes, cannot be used WITH Maximum Kal Online Geons increase.

Minimum Level: Level 12 100%
Quest Description: Just in time. I've prepared a special training session as the morale among mercenary ranks seems to be low. The orc hostage captured thus far are kept in and underground holding cell in Moradon. I've lodged a combat certificate in each of their clothes. Think of it as a training session. Combat with them in the hostage holding cell are retrieve 10 of the certificates. Will you start right away?
Needed Items: 10 Certificate of Dual
Reward: 30,000 Kal Online Geons

5,000 Experience
Side Note: When you accept this quest, you'll be teleported into a different map with Orc's for you to kill. You can party with people here, if you want. I personally don't like to. Each one you kill will drop a Certificate. When you get 10, go to the Judge and tell him to let you out and the turn your Certificates in to Kugar.


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