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KALOnline lastest promotion events

KALOnline released two special events for the KAL veteran inviting the newbie to join the game.Kalonline is hosting special 2 events for sleeping and brand new users and especially these events bring ..


Kal Online Updates Pet System

Kal Online, the Korean Fantasy MMORPG.kalonline geons, which is based with an oriental fantasy background, will get four kinds of pets - Blue Dragon, White Tiger, Red Bird and Black Tortoise which res..


Kal-Online Basic Info 4

Kal Online or make a new upgraded weapon.Kal Online Geons (another weapon, armor, and elemental stones) through the Mix MasterKal Online Geons from the merchant.Kal Online Geons one more time with the..


kal Summary

Kal Online .Kal Online Geons in the Seisetsu forced separation of the gas, gas-up as the day, sinking into the Zhuoqi.Kal Online Geons in this world.Kal Online Geons human civilization is the rapid de..


New Oriental Fantasy Guide

Kal Online has oriental sentiment and culture in a fantasy world.Most current games based on western fantasy,SF,etc.But Kal Online can make the players to have a new experiences.Kal Online geons is ba..


Happy Birthday to Kal Online

Kal Online 3rd anniversary, we the Aurora Blade team, will be holding a series of events to give all of our players the chance to enjoy tons of fun and grab abundant rewards at the same time.Kal Onlin..


Kal Online Mercenary Captain

Kal Online is based on oriental myth about the 74th war between Ha-Nin,the great king and Ban-Go who challenged to the king with troops of demon.Kal Online Geons will be a model of oreental fantasy ga..


The feelings of the small-class warriors

Kal Online organizations in the two letters in the test, I take part in them, for all professional fighters, telecommunications, small Leihuo ID is, I believe some people also know me.Kal Online Geons..


Trespassing on the experience add one point in kal

Kal Online Geons.Kal Online Geons gameKal Online Geons.Kal Online Geons practical interrupt.


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