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How to Buy FFXI Gil

1. First, please select your Final Fantasy XI server above. We carry FFXI gil for sale on all servers.
2. Using our easy-to-use system, choose the quantity of Final Fantasy XI Gil you wish to purchase. You can buy FFXI gil in any quantity from 1 million to 20 million FFXI gil.

3. For repeat customers, YOU ARE DONE! Congratulations, you have just bought the cheapest FFXI gil in the market. We will mail you the FFXI gil safely and discreetly within an hour. For our premier customers who buy FFXI gil cheap in large quantities, we will hand deliver your order to you.
4. For new customers, we are going to make a quick call to you to welcome you. We will also send you a coupon so you can buy FFXI gil cheap in the future. Think of it as a “Thank you?for trusting us with your business.

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