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Over 13 days old crazy leveling off, Final Fantasy XI return to the formal start to work, boredom from your own experience to share with you the next two 

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1. Some tasks need to ring the task items, can be superimposed, that is, you can take lots of time, then next time do this ring to do the task assigned to Paolu standing directly on the line.

For example, someone told you to pass a message to the city and back the same token, FFXI Gil then open the warehouse, to get a token to put in the warehouse, then let's recapture, see, Oh ~ ~ However, if a place in the wild , is necessary to use storage card.

Daguai out the tasks also needs items, you can also play several more than once (some items can only make the task a), FB cleared her strange place into the chest to get more than a few times when (to storage card), etc.

2. Warehouse BUG, buy a white tiger 1 hour cabinet, FFXI Gil to be permanent total, 50 cells using the warehouse location. Do not know someone had not made, or to do not know, look, let 9U earn less

As follows:

We used white tiger cabinet, when after the expiration of 1 hour, FFXI Gil then it can only get out from the expiration of the lattice can not be put inside, then, what if the grid due to other things lattice exchange it?

Oh, we should see it, buy a white tiger cabinet, then the whole grid filled with 25 things, casually put anything (such as copper 1 25 1 cells), and other cabinet after the expiration of the future would like to put something in, just need to check the copper due to release something with the exchange on it.


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