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Basic attack guide of Final Fantasy XI

Well hi guys! This is your old friend Final Fantasy XI. Welcome! Now here is a basic guide for attack. If you are new in ffxi gil, just go through, it will help you some. We are glad to help you if you have any question or wanna buy ffxi gil and Final Fantasy XI gil power leveling which two will help you have a more interesting time in the game. Just enjoy!


Attack: Basic

1. Download and extract the trainer into any folder that you desire

2. Run ffxi gil using bypassed client such as the one created by Mailman

3. After login, unequip your belt, and your weapon (90% causes problems)

4. Always make sure to have a One-Hand Sword in your inventory, no twins

5. Equip One-Hand Sword

6. NOW run the trainer, set attack speed to 0.1 Sec, and press CTRL-A (Make sure the hack goes red, and stays red)

7. Now attack a mob, and try using skills (You'll notice that using skills has become harder to do since the delay is 10 milliseconds, while casting is 60 milliseconds).

8. Once satisfied that attack is working, disable hack, and switch weapon to any that I've listed above, and enable the hack with CTRL-A

9. NOW you may equip your belt since the attack speed is frozen, and any other effect by the belt is nullified (10 % causes problems)

10. OPTIONAL: repeat steps 5-9 if 0.1 working, but you want to make skill casting like usual

11. End of basic tutorial, Have Fun!



Notable Skills in ffxi gil:

1. Poison Arrow: Because it is a long range attack that has good damage. This Skill allows you to damage your opponent before it can get close enough to hit you.

2. Home Thrust: This skill can stun the enenmy for up to 3 seonds which allows you to cause a lot of damage before the enemy has a chance to cause you damage. (goldceo.com)It can also stop some enemies from completing a spell they had already begun to cast.

3. Stealth + Amush: These two skills combine to allow you to stun an enemy like Home Thrust does. Using the Skills Stealth, Ambush and Home Thrust in combination with other Rogue Skills is a very popular build idea.

Warning about Poison Skills:

Using the Rogue's Poison Skills one after another often does not work which seems to be a bug. If you plan to use a poisonous Skill then I suggest that you choose only one. If you must use more than one then be sure to time your poison skills so that the second is used when the target is no longer poisoned.


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