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I will be out of Final Fantasy XI

Since two weeks ago regression FFXI has experienced a lot of things. From a friend had a 98 to thieves, played two weeks found that really not the same as before. . Thief is a JP and equipment, all day long there was nothing to dry, leveling do not want to move, boring day PK.

I thought I would continue to play such a peaceful result, a friend told me to see more Quguan network, frequent activities. The results look, incredibly, every day activities, all delta send XX, the result friends played 2 months spent more than 5,000 FFXI Gil ... TY, too aware of your business strategy!

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If the delta is only encouraging the problem no problem, in week 4 to maintain, I a thief 10R 80 warehouses with 10 of 96 weapons and equipment to be retreated, still with me in the N more gold. Called TY, said three working days recovery, the results also deduct the cost recovery of my 100WFinal Fantasy XI Gil, I would like to ask you to work the player losses caused by mistakes, why should the players take? Even 1W , should not be the player out!

Then, with friends to practice PK was found that there is a big problem, and that is the server that card ah, the card opened less than two wheels of the car is also cool, skills not put the State War is not more than technology is compared with the computer configuration , is more than cable, you dual-core CPU? No! I have to double-CPU’s! You 2M of ADSL? No! I have to fiber! Your graphics card 256? No! I must have professional level!

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