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Know More about Final Fantasy XIV

If youre just starting out the game and you need a quick Final Fantasy XIV walkthrough to help you get used to it then I have a few tips that can help you out. Lets get into it and go over a few key t..


How to Buy FFXI Gil

1. First, please select your Final Fantasy XI server above. We carry FFXI gil for sale on all servers.2. Using our easy-to-use system, choose the quantity of Final Fantasy XI Gil you wish to purchase...


A Card Game in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV is booming. Now looking from some news there could be a Final Fantasy XIV card game. Will it be similar to Final Fantasy IXs Tetra Master? There is no more details about it except so..


Final Fantasy XIV Gives Nothing But a Moldy Cup

Final Fantasy XIV) since last year. The FF series can be said as a miracle in the game history. Since the first title was released in 1987 (more than ten years ago), the FF series has moved countless ..


Improved Concussive Shot in FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV will need an initial investment. I suggest at least 10 gold if not 50 - 100 gold. But, 10 gold will get you started.After about a week of doing this, people will start to accept that..


Final Fantasy XIV Mage FAQ

Final Fantasy XIV Mage FAQ from the official forum. Here i will introduce that. Hope that is helpful for the players.The Mage class is primarily a ranged damage-oriented support class that has three s..


Square Attempts to Explain Final Fantasy XIV's Foibles

Final Fantasy XIVs free trial period yet again, for a total of 90 days over the average MMOs 30 days, the company obviously realizes that the game has issues. Final Fantasy XIV producer Hiromichi Tana..


I will be out of Final Fantasy XI

FFXI has experienced a lot of things. From a friend had a 98 to thieves, played two weeks found that really not the same as before. . Thief is a JP and equipment, all day long there was nothing to dry..


Final Fantasy XIV Fansite

Sorry that Im late to Final Fantasy XIV getting this posted, I ended up having one of the longest days at work and needless to say I just got home... To put that in prospective I worked fifteen hours ..


Game tips

Final Fantasy XI return to the formal start to work, boredom from your own experience to share with you the next twoFFXI Gil then open the warehouse, to get a token to put in the warehouse, then lets ..


Final Fantasy XIV Detailed by Devs

Final Fantasy XIV Gil. Even though the demo was in German and he could only play the game for 20 minutes, Id say our resident Xbox Editor and Overall Tall Dude covered the basics quite nicely. As Colo..


Final Fantasy XIV Reviews Are Out

Final Fantasy XIV. IGN.com gave the game a weak 5.5 out of 10. A quick look at onlinegamegold.com places most other reviews in the same general area: FFXIV received a 4.2 from onlinegamegold.com, a D+ from 1U..


FFXI Summoner

FFXI Gil than a Beastmaster, but it can be done with the proper mob choice. There is the advantage and disadvantage to play a summoner. The advantage is that by it you dont have to buy a bunch of spel..


Some experiences in FFXIV

FFXIV Gil has simple thought which hopes players will have happy feeling, and there are enough characters waiting for you to create. I think I can do well if I have enough time to play it, but I only ..


Basic attack guide of Final Fantasy XI

ffxi gil, just go through, it will help you some. We are glad to help you if you have any question or wanna buy ffxi gil and Final Fantasy XI gil power leveling which two will help you have a more int..


The Future of the Special Task Force

FINAL FANTASY XI gold. For these reasons, this report will be the last Special Task Force Report under the current format. Starting next month, we will be using a simpler format to report the results ..


Hume and Elvaan Race Guide in FFXI

Final Fantasy XI, this information is very helpful. Let us get down to both of them right now. On the one hand, Hume is conceivably the most versatile race in the whole of Vanadiel. They are closer to..


Final Fantasy XI Gil Guide for Newcomers

FFXI Gil, the major currency used when purchasing or trading items, therefore is the most essential thing in Final Fantasy XI. You need Gils to buy equipments, armors, weapons and other items. Having ..


FFXI Level Sync System Features

FFXI, Level Sync system draws near. A new feature in the upcoming version update that will allow all players including veterans and novices alike to adventure and gain experience together regardless o..


FFXI Beginner’s Clamming Guide

ffxi?ffxi gil is searching the beach for items as I understand it, you need a clamming kit to do so and go dig up stuff, it can be both trilling and frustrating, this guide explains why.ffxi gil. Go t..


FFXI, Final Fantasy XI Walk Through, Strategy Guides, Cheats, Hints, & Macros

Final Fantasy XI gil, and get the finest ultima and omega weapons and rare items? Could make that possible. By joining the community of elite members quality ffxi gil cheats, walk through, bots, macro..


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