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The Skill of Crossfire in Black Prophecy

If you want to use this skill in Black Prophecy, you should reach level (Black Prophecy Gold) 5. It causes X damage in a 10 meter diameter with your character at the center, and also causes maelstrom to process 10 times like Full Auto. Its damage range from 538 to 1091. This skill causes Maelstrom's effect to activate 10 times. Like Full Auto, the skill's damage and maelstrom's damage is dealt all at once, in one blow.

This is our highest damage skill and should be maxed in basically any build. It cause maelstrom to process 10 times in the same way that FA does, and as such, is fantastic against all targets. It tears squishy targets apart with it's base damage when it crits, and it chews through heavy reduction targets with maelstrom the same way full auto does. The main downside to this skill is that we have to be so close to the target, but honestly, it's not enough to make this skill ny less than amazing.

This skill can be used as a finishing nuke, as a "drive-by" skill you don't have to stop moving at all while casting this, to kill cloaked players if you know where they are, or by cloaking into the enemy's line in mass pvp and opening out of cloak with this skill. It is probably one of our very best skills and should be maxed. Here we supply cheaper Black Prophecy Gold service online with fast delivery for players who need them, please come and have a look.

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